Watch Incredible Moment German Shepherd Dive Into Pool To Save Mom

Footage showing the incredible moment a German Shepherd dives into the pool to save mum has quickly gone viral with people around the world moved to tears by the dog’s heroic actions.

Now, we want to point out that the woman in the clip never really got into trouble and just liked to dive underwater, but her brave canine companion didn’t know that and quickly leapt into action.

Originally shared on TikTok and later posted on Reddit where it received over 15,000 upvotes, the 23-second clip shows the pup jumping into the water and grabbing its owner by her ponytail to drag her out on the surface.

Smiling as she steps out, the woman lets her dog pull her to the edge of the pool where he pulls her out of the water and down the stairs. It’s a moment that sparked a flood of comments from stunned internet users.

mama_ill_save_you of r/AnimalsBeingBros

“This brought me to tears. I love animals so much,” wrote one user, another adding, “Dogs – they already have a place in heaven. They give so much and expect nothing in return.

Others were blown away not only by the dog’s love and compassion, but also by the skill he showed in maneuvering his beloved owner around the pool.

“It’s amazing that the dog pulls the hair at an angle where the person can breathe while being pulled. Need that dog,” one stunned user wrote.

A woman also shared her experience of a similar situation she had with her own dog, stating that “my German Shepherd pulled me out of the tub like that one day. I was yelling at the cat (who jumped in the tub) and the dog thought I was yelling since someone made me take a bath. The dog was not happy. I was not happy. I’m pretty sure the cat thought that was hilarious.

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