What does this mean for people looking for extra money? Where can I get a payday loan online? Let’s see!

Gdzie wziąć pożyczkę przez internet?

New possibilities

We live in a world where patience is a scarce product. We do not want to waste time on standing in long queues. No wonder that in the face of financial problems, we count on their immediate solution.

Today it is possible thanks to the dynamically developing industry, in which companies using modern technologies in the area of ​​finance operate. Most often, enterprises belonging to this sector make their services available on the Internet, thus responding to current customer needs. However, among them there are also entities that conduct their activities not only in the network, but also in stationary departments.

The industry includes, among others: e-banking, mobile banking, online payday loans and affiliate networks, P2P payday loans or online comparison websites. Why are more and more financial institutions deciding to take such a step? The use of modern technologies brings many benefits not only to customers, but also to service providers.

The main advantage of taking action on the network is to speed up the entire sales process from submitting the application to finalizing the service. In addition, specialists constantly improve security that guarantees that our data will not fall into the wrong hands. On the other hand, logging into mobile banking is as secure as pulling out money from your wallet.

We can get the financial help you need within 15 minutes of submitting your application, all thanks to the constant improvement of online services. An example of such an operation may be the introduction of special applications enabling immediate verification of the client.

To take advantage of the offer of a given company, all you need is a device connected to the network, evidence and some information that each of us has in our memory. It is also worth mentioning that it involves lowering the costs of both running a business for a lender and using a customer service. Who enables us to access the payday loan online?


Among the financial products made available online, we can find, among others, offers of banking institutions. For many people, a visit to a facility is usually associated with spending even a few hours in a queue.

No wonder that the availability of e-banking met with great interest of customers. Currently, the majority of the largest entities operating in this sector operate both stationary and online. Among the services we find not only access to mobile banking, but also the possibility to apply for a payday loan entirely via the Internet. If we have a personal account in a given bank, also signing the contract does not require the applicant to leave the house. We can do everything from the client’s panel level.

Otherwise, the necessary documents will be delivered by courier or prepared for signing at the bank’s branch. Nevertheless, one thing remains unchanged. These are the requirements for potential borrowers. As you know, every financial decision involves a lot of responsibility for both the service provider and the consumer.

Therefore, each applicant is subjected to a strict assessment in terms of creditworthiness. If the result of the scoring confirms our credibility and the fact that we are able to pay the commitment on time, the application will be accepted.


However, as we mentioned, the criteria set for clients of banking institutions are demanding, and their fulfillment for many turns out to be impossible. Usually, we will have to demonstrate a fixed source of income adequate to the payday loan amount requested. In such a situation, the best candidates are people who have an employment contract for an indefinite period, pension or disability.

With lower amounts, the contract of mandate, contract for specific work or own business will also be accepted. In order to confirm the information provided, it is necessary to provide the employer’s data. In turn, when applying for higher amounts, it may be necessary to provide a certificate of income from the workplace.

In some institutions, there are alternatives, such as submitting a bank account statement for the last month, provided that it includes remuneration transfers or pensions. What other possibilities does the industry provide us with?

Payday loan companies

As we mentioned, the industry also includes non-bank online payday loans. Undoubtedly, they are characterized by higher availability and admission than the products proposed by the bank. However, the amounts we can apply for are only part of the maximum payday loan limits. Nevertheless, they are still called a viable alternative to the bank offer due to less stringent criteria for applicants.

We will find lenders on the market who do not require any certificates from employers, and the lack of employment based on a contract of employment will not be a problem. If we are within the applicable age limits, we have Polish citizenship confirmed by a personal ID, we have an active mobile phone, an e-mail address and a bank account, then nothing prevents us from making an appropriate application.

The rules for granting payday loans should be consistent with the assumption of responsible lending.

That’s why we read on the companies’ websites that the basis for receiving financial support is a positive credit score. However, each lender has the right to individually determine the assessment criteria, and in most cases the minimum acceptable score is significantly lower than in bank offers.

A momentary or an installment payday loan ?

When selecting offers, the borrower must decide whether to use a payday payday loan or installment payday loans. That’s why it’s worth knowing what these two products are. According to specialists, short-term liabilities are suitable for people who need lower financial support, and after 30 days will be able to accumulate the amount needed for repayment.

It is worth noting that some companies decide to extend the lending period up to two months. However, this does not release us from the obligation to refund the amount due after this time in the form of a one-off payment to the lender’s account. Undoubtedly, fulfilling such terms of the contract can be a big challenge.

If we have doubts, it is worth thinking about taking out an installment payday loan. By opting for this solution, we get the opportunity to split the commitment into parts. The payday loan period can be from 2 to even 48 months.

It all depends on the internal arrangements of the company. The distribution of indebtedness into installments is also associated with higher amounts of financial support amounting to even several thousand zlotys. There is no doubt that the consequence of taking advantage of a longer repayment period will be an increase in the final costs. Despite everything, it is a better solution for people who are not sure if their budget will be possible to make a one-time payment to the lender’s account. Limiting the risk of untimely refunds seems to be attractive and less expensive than the consequences of delays.

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