Whip E-Scooter & Pull My Hair Salon Partner

The success of Bermudian businesses after the Covid pandemic “is built on passion, hard work and collaboration”, according to Malika Serrar of Pull My Hair salon and Alex Marshall of Whip Rideshare E-Scooters, the couple entering an E-scooter personalized brand partnership.

Both entrepreneurs said they understand that by supporting each other, the road to recovery for small businesses in Bermuda is made easier.

The partnership allows Pull My Hair to receive five fully customized Whip electric scooters and helmets in their recognizable pink and featuring the salon logo and contact details. Additionally, the lounge has been designated as a Whip station for pickup and drop-off at 95 Front Street.

When Ms. Serrar saw the first electric scooters, she knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. She said: “I was with my family enjoying the Sail GP festivities and couldn’t help but notice how amazing the idea was to carry within easy reach via the app. Whip Rideshare available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With the tap of the app you were on your way!”

Ms Serrar – who said she prides herself on “hiring Bermudians, supporting local businesses and showcasing local role models” – saw Whip as the next way to connect with potential clients.

When Mr. Marshall got the call from Pull My Hair, he said he knew it would be the ideal first completely personalized collaboration.

“Talking with Malika, I could feel how passionate, full of ideas and energy she was. She thinks outside the box and indicated that this was not just a promotion for her show, but an opportunity to double its presence in the Bermuda market,” he said.

“Whip will work with all other potential advertising clients to understand their vision for scooter customizations and how to effectively gain maximum exposure for their brands through this collaboration. The delivery time for custom scooters is 10-14 days and the color options are unlimited depending on the customer’s desires.

“Pull My Hair and Whip have planned upcoming promotions on their social media platforms that are sure to attract new riders and customers as well as model photo shoots and video campaigns.

“Whip has quickly become the coolest way to get around the island in an easy and hassle-free way.” Mr Marshall added: ‘If you’re tired of waiting for a taxi, bus or just find yourself without easy transport when you need it, give Whip a try. It’s easy to use and you can drop your Whip anywhere on the island.

“In Hamilton, use the bike racks to park. Anywhere else you can pick it up and leave it in a hub in the Whip Zone parking area or wherever it can be placed neatly to the side without blocking lanes/entrances. Be courteous and treat them as if they belong to you and the community can enjoy them as an evolution of the shared micro-mobility of Bermuda’s transportation offerings.

He also said, “A full Battery Whip can take you from one end of the island to the other. It only costs $3 to unlock and start a ride plus 50 cents per minute, which equals $30 per hour. However, if you only need to use it for 10 minutes, you only pay for the time of use, so that would be $5 plus $3 unlock fee, etc. Just swipe to complete your ride when you get where you’re going.

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“We are excited to provide Bermuda with an on-demand, fun, affordable and convenient way to get around for locals and visitors alike. Need a quick break or a short trip? Take a whip!”

A spokesperson added, “For your company’s opportunity to work with Whip, they can be contacted on www.grabawhip.com and for women and men of all ages who want to look their best, Pull My Hair services can be booked on www.pullmyhair.co or through their phone number 441-707-9569.

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