Why Should Pets Go to the Hair Salon?

Bogazici campus animal hairstylist Ceren Unal provided information on the matter. We have owned our pet friends for many years and try to meet all their responsibilities. So that they can live more comfortably with us. We strive to ensure that our cat and dog friends, who are an important part of our lives, have health issues and all other care in the best possible way. In order for our friends to lead good and quality lives, they have routine care, which is as important as their health. Routine maintenance affects our friend’s entire life and should be done without interruption. Our friends usually live with us at home. At certain times, encountering hair problems can become a very big problem. He can help animal lovers by taking all the care of your friend and as a cat barber and dog barber.

Since these periods are a difficult process and requiring patience, it is absolutely necessary to choose centers offering professional service. It will be inevitable for our friends who do not have eye and ear cleaning, nail trimming and feather care to catch many diseases and infections. The Boğaziçi campus innovates in Turkey and offers training as an “animal hairdresser” with professional trainers. During the training process, you will receive the theoretical and practical training necessary for our pet friends to lead healthier and better lives. You can experience the convenience of a pet hairdresser at home.

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