Woman falls to death while searching for viral TikTok ‘infinity pool’

A teacher and mother-of-two fell 150ft to her death on Mount Snowdon while searching for an ‘infinity pool’ she had seen on TikTok.

In December 2021, Victoria Luck, a teacher and mother with special needs, died after getting lost while looking for an ‘infinity pool’ she had seen on the short-form video platform TikTok, on the Mount Snowdon in Wales.

There have been several videos made about the mole on TikTok which garnered thousands of views and likes.

According the BBC, Victoria and her partner, Matthew Radnor, separated on the crest of Crib Goch about a mile from the pool.

She fell while descending steep terrain after descending into a ravine. His partner did not see the incident, but heard a “scream”.

According to a Coastguard paramedic, he had to be winched to reach Victoria’s body, which was on a steep slope below the northern ridge of Crib Goch.

The ‘infinity pool’ was built in 2016 ‘as a £400,000 green energy project rather than a tourist destination’. by Wales Online. Farmer Wyn Mostyn Jones said in 2020: “The pool hasn’t changed its purpose, but its popularity has changed. It was never meant to be an infinity pool but once the news made it to the papers the horse then ran away from the stable.

In a statement, Victoria’s partner Matthew said: “Tor and I were in love. I felt that I had met my soul mate. We made plans for the future and intended to get married.

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