Żibel finds horrible amount of plastic trapped at St. Peter’s Pool

Żibel discovered and removed a horrific amount of marine plastic, this time from St. Peter’s Pool in Marsaxlokk.

Global Cleanup Week is currently underway, and as if they weren’t already doing enough, their operations have even increased to commemorate the week.

“It was our St Peter’s Pool cleanup in conjunction with Marsaxlokk local council,” Żibel said.

“The plastic trapped in the cave is the result of fragments floating in the Mediterranean Sea that eventually wash ashore and get stuck in crevices or other catchment areas,” said Żibel founder Andrew Schembri, in Lovin Malta.

“The bottles, on the other hand, were all heavily degraded, so they could have been a mix of plastic washed up from the Mediterranean and trapped or it was plastic that had fallen into St Peter’s pool and slowly degraded over time. The region is often affected by storms, so it is difficult to determine the origin of this plastic,” he explained.

“For example, the headbands that we found, about forty in total, are clearly from the region since they are not really found elsewhere. The crossbow parts also appeared to be local, as well as the Apple Watch.

During the cleanup, a number of divers went underwater to remove plastic trapped on the seabed in the area.

“Amazing how the natural elements come together to trap the plastic in such a small bay. Along with badly degraded plastic bottles, we also found an Apple Watch, necklaces, earrings, gun parts harpoon and many headbands,” Żibel said on social media.

Żibel is currently carrying out a series of cleanups as part of World Clean-Up Week, so stay tuned to see what else they find!

Well done Zibel

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